Thursday, 15 November 2012

jerman shep

nough to fit in anywhere. These are hard workers who are conscientious, responsible and reliable. They are good with finances and will be prepared to save up for the things they desire in life rather than borrow. They do not generally live outside their means so they are usually able to acquire a comfortable lifestyle. These character's like to see real value for their money and will be frugal buyers but they do favor quality over quantity.

With such equilibrium of mood in their personalities a Libran Dog often has much success with relationships. They will give and take in equal amounts in close personal partnerships and will expect partner's to have the same attitude. The Libran Dog is extremely loving and attentive and if this is reflected by others it is much welcomed. These personalities are not argumentative and they dislike confrontations. So life with these Libran's is mostly congenial if they feel loved and appreciated. They can be quite passionate and spontaneous and will usually be good at remembering anniversaries and other special relationship moments.

To unwind the Libran Dog likes to escape the shackles of routine and do something different. They are keen on outdoor activities that allow them to breathe some fresh air and get some exercise. A Libran Dog is serious most of the time but they do know how to take time out and use it wisely to refresh themselves. They love walking, driving, running, or just relaxing in the garden. As long as it is outside they are not usually fussy what it involves doing. These individuals dislike having to be cooped up indoors for any length of time as they find it far too boring.

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